Solar Panel Interface

The Solar Panel Interface will allow you to quickly and accurately characterize two solar panels in series or parallel.  The graphic software displays the solar panels voltage (green), current (blue), Power (red) and load resistance (black) outputs - all together - on a single plotting screen like the one here. 




Rather than manually plotting IV curves, the Solar Panel Interface does this for you automatically by you adjusting an external variable load resistor - immediately showing the maximum power point for any load and solar panel series or parallel configuration.

You can also determine the effects of heat, shadowing and tilt angle on the solar panel's performance.  Experiments have been provided for all of these measurements. 

The user Manual and the experiments are written for students and experimenters that already have an understanding of the basic concepts of solar panel construction and operation including series/parallel hookups, and who wish to explore more advanced issues surrounding these renewable energy devices.

The Solar Panel Interface can accommodate voltages up to 28 volts DC and currents up to 1 amp.  The Series-Parallel switch makes selecting either panel configuration a snap.

In the Solar Panel Interface you have a professional measurement instrument that is suitable for a serious study of solar panels.

Price $149.00


Solar Panel

To make your Solar Panel Interface complete, you can add two 12 volt solar panels to make the series-parallel experiments that much easier for you to perform.  Each panel is 18 volts VOC, 60mA ISC, 4 3/4 x 4 inch.  Includes wires for
                                  connectors for easy hookup to board

Add these solar panels to your SPI Lab

Sun Tracker Kit

 Double the FREE POWER of the Sun! Automatically follows the arc or angle of the sun from sunrise to sunset using its own sun-generated power! A commercial as well as a highly educational device. Solar panels purchased separately. Designed to operate with our SPE series of solar panels above up to 9" wide, except the SPE Folding Paks.   Assembly Required

Price $45.00 each (2 panels recommended)

Price $99.00


REEL Power
Single User Software License
Price $39.00


REEL Power
Multi User Software License
Price $299.00


Download Solar Panel Interface User Manual