PowerFilm R3-80F4728V - 270W PRESS Solar Panel

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PowerFilm’s Portable Remote Expeditionary Scalable Solar (PRESS) provides 270W using the highest efficiency crystalline cells available. PowerFilm’s PRESS provides either a direct, unregulated panel output or a regulated output through an integrated charge controller. Both outputs include blocking diodes, eliminating any reverse current flow.

The unregulated output can be combined in series or parallel to scale a solution to meet specific requirements, including a four-system array that provides greater than 1kW @160V as required by common inverters. The regulated output through the integrated charge controller supports traditional 24V systems. The charge controller can be designed to output other voltages as needed.

Custom, dedicated cables are available to connect any number of PRESS modules using either the regulated or unregulated output.

PowerFilm’s PRESS is lighter, more durable, and faster to set up and tear down than other solutions on the market. It also withstands wind loads up to 50 mph when the base is weighted correctly. PowerFilm’s PRESS is the perfect, portable, lightweight field solution to generate power quickly and efficiently.



  • 47V Configuration

    • Rated Voltage at Pmax: 47.1V

    • Rated Current at Pmax: 5.7A

    • Maximum Open Circuit Voltage: 58V

    • Short Circuit Current: 6.0A

  • 24V Configuration

    • Maximum Voltage: 28V

    • Charge Current: 9.0A

*Typical specs measured at STC. Contact PowerFilm for maximum specs and tolerances to use in custom designs or complex applications.


  • Dimensions

    • Stowed: 44.5 x 28.1 x 2.0 (in) / 1,130.3 x 713.7 x 50.8 (mm)

    • Deployed: 56.2 x 44.5 x 1.0 (in) / 1,427.5 x 1,130.3 x 25.4 (mm)

  • Weight

    • 28.0 lbs / 12.7 kg


  • Temperature Coefficient for Power: - 0.29 (%/C)

  • Temperature Coefficient for Voltage:- 1.74 (mV/C)

Important Notes

The PRESS is designed for semi-permanent outdoor use and is 100% waterproof. Cables are available to connect multiple modules in parallel to provide a higher current to your battery system.

For larger deployments consisting of multiple PRESS units, lay out all panels (solar side up) flat on the ground first and connect cables so that panels go into operation immediately. Personnel can come back later to set the angles and ballast. If multiple rows are being set up, ensure adequate spacing between rows so that front panels do not shade those behind.

Operating Voltage and Current are typical values when tested under load at AM 1.5 lighting conditions. Power performance may vary due to temperature, light spectrum, angle to the sun, and other effects (minimum 95% rated when new).

How to Charge

  1. Place the unit on the ground facing the central direction of the sun (south).

  2. Unfasten the velcro strips on the top edge.

  3. Unfasten the velcro around the cables and set them aside.

  4. Open the PRESS so that the solar cells are visible on top (open from the handle side).

  5. Grasp the top edge of the two panels and lift them vertically, leaving the fiberglass base sheet lying flat on the ground.

  6. Grab the bottoms of the legs and pull the legs free and backward.

  7. Tilt the PRESS backward to the desired angle to the sun and set the bottom of the legs down on the base to hold this angle.

  8. Stretch out the velcro strips mounted on the base of the legs and press them onto the corresponding strips on the fiberglass base to lock the legs in position.

  9. Add ballast if needed, considering expected wind conditions. A wide range of materials may be used as ballast, including the battery system, rocks, shovelfuls of dirt, or sandbags.

  10. Connect to your system using the Regulated Output Cable or Unregulated Output Cable provided with the system (see below).

Regulated Output:

For a 24V system, use the Parallel Regulated Output Cable. Connect one Aptiv connector to the back of each side of the PRESS and the o-rings to the +/- battery terminals of your 24V system. All connections must be solar positive (red) to battery positive and solar negative (black or blue) to battery negative. Reversing can damage the solar panel.

Unregulated Output:

For a charge controller connection, use the Serial Unregulated Output Cable. Connect one Aptiv connector to the back of each side of the PRESS, and the bare leads to the controller. All connections must be solar positive (red) to charge controller positive and solar negative (black or blue) to charge controller negative. Reversing can damage the solar panel. 

The charge controller must accept at least 58V