SPC-9B Solar Pocket Battery Charger for (1) 9Volt Battery

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The SPC-9B is a 9 Volt, 20mA solar battery charger. It will charge 9V batteries fully in approximately one day (eight hours) of full sun.

Though it may be hard to believe, these lightweight solar cells never wear out or require any maintenance, but must not be dropped or abused since the material solar cells are made of is similar to glass and will break. The clear lens should be kept clean for maximum performance.

This solar battery charger will function best when it is placed in direct sunlight.  If indoors, it can be placed in an east, south or west window. A red indicator light turns on when batteries are being charged.

The SPC-9B may also be used as a 9V 20mA power supply.



Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries will slowly self-discharge at a rate of 1%/day when not in use and must be charged fully prior to using. Newer NiMH batteries do not suffer from the memory effect, (batteries hold less charge due to not discharging enough between recharges) and therefore they can be recharged any time after use. New NiMH batteries need to be cycled 3-5 times before they achieve optimum performance.


As with Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries, Nickel-Cadmium Batteries will self-discharge when not in use and must be charged fully prior to using.  For best results they should be charged at least once each month or keep spare batteries in the charger on charge as this will not harm them and you will always have a ready supply of fully charged batteries. Ni-CD batteries have a memory effect and should be mostly discharged prior to charging to avoid these effects.


Carbon-Zinc Batteries may be re-energized.  For best results, re-energize at the first indication of a loss of power.  Extremely weak batteries can become dead and as a result are unsuitable for re-energizing. 


Alkaline Batteries may be re-energized, even though manufacturers advise against re-energizing, since the solar charger is current limited.


Do not attempt to recharge or re-energize a battery that is leaking, damaged or corroded.  Do not leave Carbon-Zinc or Alkaline Batteries in the charger for other than the recommended charge rates indicated above.


SOLAR MADE provides a limited warranty for a period of 120 days from the date of purchase. This warranty covers materials and workmanship. All warranty returns must have a customer sales receipt attached.