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Keeping up of technological changes/Introducing New Product

Manufacturing and selling solar products made in the USA since 1978.
Keeping up of technological changes and Introducing New Products.
The manufacturing of products in the USA is a vital part of our economy and a part of America that has always kept us strong. Trends in the growth of renewable energies presents an opportunity for manufacturing companies to shift more focus into this market, which I believe 
will continue to grow more rapidly as time passes. With governmental influence in the raising prices for fossil fuels and the gaining popularity of renewables, is driving money into the renewable energy field. Now is the time to seize a place in this market.  
Since 1978, Solar Made has been manufacturing unique solar products in the USA using recycled solar cells. Recently we have come up to speed on the technological advances of the internet by introducing a new and mobile friendly website. Through the process of trying to obtain a new website I discovered many of the road blocks in achieving this goal. For starters, finding the right person or company to accomplish this can be quite a task of its own. Depending on the size of your business, your goals, and your tech savviness, there are a plethora of options. Based on our company structure and size, if I were to go back to the beginning of this process I would start by employing some of the local college students, studying computer science and engineering, to help me with the customization features which need to be coded into the background. Essentially, whether you are a new company or you have been around for 30+ years, it is vital to the survival and growth of your company to update your website, or begin make your website, to meet the new standards of the ever expanding internet. 
With summer approaching, I would like to finish by introducing some of the new technologically advanced solar products which are being produced right here in the USA. EnerPlex, a company Solar Made has been working with for the last 5 years, has released a new line of consumer friendly solar products for USB enabled devices. Using good old American ingenuity, EnerPlex survived the fairly recent collapse of American solar companies by designing new technologies and staying dynamic with the market by integrating these technologies into unique goods. From smartphone SOLARcases, to small portable solar panels and portable batteries, to backpacks and accessories, EnerPlex has stayed on top of rapidly changing renewable energy market. 
Take the time to view our NEW website and explore some of the new American Made products.
Buying American to support America. 
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