3-1.5-100 Solar Mini-Panel - 1.5Volt, 100mA

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Solar Mini-Panel:

Voltage: 1.5V

Current: 100mA

Size: 3"x 1.75"

READY TO USE! NO SOLDERING. Encapsulated mini-panels utilize solar cells similar to those that power our satellites in space, yet they are safe and simple to use. Mini-panels allow for handling without the normal breakage and cell damage associated with fragile solar cells. Available in thirteen outputs with four case sizes to fit your every need. 6" red/black lead wires attached. Modules may be connected to create different outputs. 


All mini panels are tested VOC (voltage open circuit), ISC (current short circuit), using one full sun condition.

General helpful hints - Most applications require charging batteries (the solar operating voltage must be higher than the battery voltage). Direct powering of devices requires knowing the voltage and current of your device. Science Projects: Light bulbs - use light emitting diodes (LED) which require 3 volts, plus 50mA per LED. Motors - we recommend our "best solar motor" #MC-05/07 runs 0.50v (1/2) to 7.2 volts, 100mA to start-up, then runs at only 20mA. Most important for operating miniature motors is the "current", most other motors will require at least 200mA to 500mA of current with the voltage being less important.

More information including spectral and intensity response graphs, series/parallel circuits, and an average solar irradiance map are also available here: Intro to Solar Energy