Junior Solar Sprint Kit

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Production time may take 2-3 weeks from order receipt. Please allow longer production times for larger orders.

This kit does not include wheels, axles, or axle gears! If you require these, please view our JSS Deluxe Kit.

Junior Solar Sprint is a hands on STEM educational program for students to design and construct a solar-powered model car. This nationwide competition was implemented to improve student's knowledge of science, engineering and renewable energy concepts. 100% Made in USA. 

Kit Includes:

  • Official JSS Solar Panel (4" Flat Wire Leads)
  • Official JSS 260 Solar Motor (6" Stripped Wire Leads)
  • Motor Mounting Bracket w/ Screws
  • (3) Motor Shaft Gears
  • (2) Alligator Clips
  • The rest is up to the imagination of the student!

Panel Specifications:

  • Electrical: 3 Volts, 1+ Amp = 3+ Watts
  • Dimensions: 4.5" x 13"
  • 4" Flat Wire Leads

Motor Specifications:

  • Operates at 1/2V to 3V
  • 300mA start-up (runs at 80mA with no load).
  • Low torque - 0.97 mN*m @ 3.0V
  • High RPM's - 5470 r/min @ 3.0V
  • 2mm shaft diameter
  • Size 1" dia x 1 1/2" long
  • 6" lead wires.

Solar Made JSS panels are constructed from high quality monocrystalline silicon solar cells and operate at 3 Volts, 1+ Amp to produce slightly greater than 3 Watts. 

Each individual solar cell on the panel measures 52x100mm. The six cells per panel are arranged in a series circuit to increase the ~0.5V of each cell to the 3V necessary to meet the JSS Competition Specifications. Average efficiency of these cells is appx. 16-19%

More information including spectral and intensity response graphs, series/parallel circuits, and an average solar irradiance map are also available here: Intro to Solar Energy

Check out our Junior Solar Sprint Information page for instructions, tips on building your solar car, regional competitions, and much more!