PowerFilm MPT6-150 Solar Module - 6.0Volts, 100mA

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The Classic Application Series offer a new opportunity to solve the old problem of limited power for wireless electronics designed for portable and remote applications. Classic Application panels are lightweight, paper thin, and durable. 

Their ultra-thin profile enables them to be easily integrated into devices for solar recharging or for direct power. Panels have been specifically developed to recharge a variety of common battery sizes. These panels do not have a UV-stabilized surface, but are suitable for intermittent outdoor use. 

Electrical Specifications:

Full Sun

  • Power: 600mW

  • Operating Voltage: 6.0V

  • Current: 100mA

1/4 Sun

  • Power: 135mW

  • Operating Voltage: 6.0V

  • Current: 22.5mA

All Levels

  • Average Voc: 8.0V

  • Maximum Voc: 9.3V

  • Isc: 128mA

Physical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 114.0 x 146.0 (mm) / 4.49 x 5.75 (in)

  • Weight: 0.15oz / 4.35g

  • Thickness: 0.22mm

IV Curve

MPT6-150 IV Curve 25% & Full Sun