PowerFilm RC7.2-75PSAF Solar Module w/ Adhesive - 7.2Volts, 100mA

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The RC Aircraft Series panel is designed to be easily integrated with a variety of RC Aircraft. This panel is very lightweight, can be soldered from the back of the panel via the extended copper tape, and has an extra edge seal for protection from fuel contamination and weather. 

This panel features a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) making installation a snap. 

These panels do not have a UV-stabilized surface, but are suitable for intermittent outdoor use. For connection, melt through laminate and solder to copper tape.

Electrical Specifications:

Full Sun

  • Power: 864W

  • Operating Voltage: 7.2V

  • Current: 120mA

1/4 Sun

  • Power: 194mW

  • Operating Voltage: 7.2V

  • Current: 27.0mA

All Levels

  • Average Voc: 10.5V

  • Maximum Voc: 11.1V

  • Isc: 154mA

Physical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 271.0 x 92.0 (mm) / 10.67 x 3.62 (in)

  • Weight: 0.30oz / 8.50g

  • Thickness: 0.24mm

IV Curve

RC7.2-75 PSAF IV Curve