Solar Satellite - STEM Toy Kit

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  • Learn About Solar Energy: Build a solar powered demo satellite! This kit uses solar panels and an electric motor to rotate the satellite on an axis. Satellites are defined as any object (natural or man-made) that orbits around a planet. Solar power relies on the photovoltaic effect, which converts the kinetic energy of speeding photons from the sun into useable electricity. This kit provides hands on experience with solar power, circuit construction, engineering, mechanics, and more! NOTE: For demonstrative purposes only, does not actually fly.
  • Easy Assembly: Our science toys include all the tools and materials you need. Laser-cut wooden components, clear & simple instructions, and a small magnetic screwdriver. No soldering required, and simple assembly.
  • Safety Tested: All wooden blocks are made of real balsa wood and contain no harsh chemicals. Non-toxic and non-irritating!
  • For Ages 5+: Suitable for boys and girls ages 5+. Great for kids who love building and science. Create a fun and rewarding learning experience for your children!
  • Dimensions: 6.5"x5"x4"
  • Choking Hazard: Small Parts